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drbd-reactor v0.10.2
Dear DRBD users,

this is drbd-reactor v0.10.2. This fixes logging errors if said errors
happen very early in the startup of the daemon which have been skipped
as of now. The second fix is that we only run DRBD kernel module and
drbd-utils version checks if we really need them. For example our k8s
containers use drbd-reactor::prometheus to export DRBD metrics. Here we
don't actually need very recent DRBD kernel versions with the latest
features. On the other hand we want and need these features for
drbd-reactor::promoter. Now we check if there are any promoter plugins
configured and only run the DRBD checks if that is the case. If the
requirements are not fulfilled on startup the daemon fails to start. If
later a plugin is added and the check fails this snipped is skipped.

This version also brings a small feature: "drbd-reactorctl edit" now
works like you might know it from "kubectl edit". If there are any
syntax errors the editor will respawn and show what was wrong in the
header section of the temporary config file.

Regards, rck


[ Moritz "WanzenBug" Wanzenb?ck ]
* ci: test compatibility with different rust version
* daemon: ensure logging is available early
* events: do not panic on missing drbdsetup

[ Roland Kammerer ]
* fix rest of unknow -> unknown typos
* ctl,edit: add k8s style editor reopen
* core: drbd checks only if we have promoters