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drbd-reactor v0.6.1
Dear DRBD users,

this is a quickfix release (v0.6.1) of drbd-reactor to work properly
with latest utils (9.21). These introduce a new keyword in the events2
stream and drbd-reactor did then not parse the events2 line
successfully and ignored it. For the promoter plugin the result is that
resources are not initially brought up, or that they don't fail over.

This version should work with current and older drbd-utils. I might
rethink the decision that the parser is that strict, maybe it is better
to just ignore unknown key/value pairs instead.

The PPA is currently building, and please note that the rust toolchain
shipped with Debian Buster (oldstable) is too old to compile one of our
dependencies. If you really need to build for that distribution, update
your toolchain (e.g., via rustup).

Regards, rck