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linstor-gateway v0.12.0-rc.1

a new version of LINSTOR Gateway has just been released.

Its main purpose is to fix a typo in the health check for LINSTOR's
`allowed-files` configuration. This misconfiguration can lead to the
cluster not coming up correctly from a "cold start" (where all nodes
have been shut off).

Users of 0.11.0 should upgrade and rerun `linstor-gateway check-health`.

Full changelog:

* Add a new endpoint, `/v2/status`, to query the status of the server
* Support CORS for the REST API
* Generate more readable toml files (`start` entries are on separate lines)
* Mark LINSTOR resources as degraded if the actual place count is lower
than desired
* Point users to `linstor advise resource` if any resources are degraded

* Healthcheck: fix the path of the LINSTOR Satellite systemd override

* Update Go dependencies

Thank you for testing!

Christoph Böhmwalder
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