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linstor-server release 1.18.0

Here is the final release of version 1.18.0, it is nearly the same as rc3
with a few more CRD fixes. So the rest of the mail is nearly a copy of the

This version brings performance improvements and fixes for the Kubernetes
CRD database backend, but the backend still needs some testing. So be aware
that it might not be ready yet for production.
Node related events (create, delete, evicted, restored, ...) can now be
listened to via server sent events.

linstor-server 1.18.0
* Kubernetes CRD fixes and performance improvements
* Cryptsetup is limited to 256MB during format
* New REST-API to create a valid H2 embedded database backup
* Better enabling of auto-quorum, tiebreaker recreation
* Clone ZFS has a new option to use zfs clone instead of zfs send/recv
* ZFS allocated size uses now REFER instead of USED for volumes
* Added resource sync status API
* Fixes in backup shipping
* Sentry client library updated
* API-Version 1.13.0

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