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I am starting the drbd-9.1.7 release cycle early. This time, the most
relevant change is fixing IO request unfreezing on diskless nodes. It
turned out this was broken, now there is a test that examines all these
cases. A number of bugs got fixed in this area.
These are important fixes for users that have "on-no-quorum suspend-io" in
their configs.

At the moment, this is a release candidate. Please give it a try.

9.1.7-rc.1 (api:genl2/proto:110-121/transport:17)
* fix for a "forgotten" resync after IO was suspended due to lack of quorum
* refactored IO suspend/resume fixing severl bugs; the worst one could
lead to premature request completion
* disable discards on diskless if diskful peers do not support it
* make demote to secondary a two-phase state transition; that guarantees
after demotion, DRBD will not write to any meta-data in the cluster
* enable "--force primary" in for no-quorum situations