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Apart from the usual bug fixes this 8.3 release brings an interesting
new feature.

DRBD is for the first time capable of detaching from a frozen
backing device, which does not complete open IO requests.

8.3.12 (api:88/proto:86-96)
* Fixed a rare compatibility issue with DRBD's older than 8.3.7
when negotiating the bio_size
* Fixed a rare race condition where an empty resync could stall with
if pause/unpause events happen in parallel
* Made the re-establishing of connections quicker, if it got a broken pipe
once. Previously there was a bug in the code caused it to waste the first
successful established connection after a broken pipe event.
* Can now deal with multiple DRBD instances being in
a master/slave group
* Allow detach from frozen backing devices with the new --force option;
configurable timeout for backing devices by the new disk-timeout option;a=tag;h=drbd-8.3.12

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