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Hi All,

I have some good news. My employer has decided that it would be a good idea
to bring a new dbmail version to production. This means I have a full
work-week in which I can contribute to the dbmail project. This will start
April 10th.

For my employer gmime3 and new debian packaging is a necessity and a
precondition to donate the hours I make. I created PR's on these issues for
everyone to comment on.

It would be nice to have a clear list of pull requests that could make it
to the next release. In my personal time I will have a look at and see what changes are there
that I can support. If you have a PR in that list I will probably ask you
some questions in the near future. If you feel you can do some work on them
you could also create a new PR to the dbmail/dbmail repo. (If you forked
from pjstevns/dbmail, making a PR to dbmail/dbmail is not easy. I created a
new fork from dbmail/dbmail, transferred my branches locally, pushed them
and then created my new PR's)

Starting April 10th I will try to merge as much PR's into a releasable
branch, a release candidate if you will. I will do tests, some load-testing
and generally make sure this is suitable for production. My focus will be
on amd64 on linux. In this week I will bring this release candidate into
production on our own servers.

After this week in my own time I will still make contributions and work to
get the release candidate into a proper release.

What are your opinions on this? Are there any concerns I should be thinking
about, that I might have missed? If any of you feel you can contribute and
want to do more synchronized communication on it we can probably do a IRC
or slack channel or something. I am open for any suggestions.

Greetings, Casper