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privileges='000000000000000000000000' and CPU overload
Good morning,

We use davical and managed to upgrade it to the last version :

* debian : Stretch (up to date)

* postgres 10.5

* davical 1.1.7

* 16 CPU Xeon 3.4 ghz

* 12Go RAM
Our server hosts :

* 27302 Ressources

* 445 collections

* 461 Principals

Since the upgrade, we notice a CPU overload on our server... with time out experienced by all our users.

We notice a big activity on postgre, with a lot of small SQL queries, and a lot of apache error on PROPFIND request with 403 response.
We installed pgbouncer with 100% of hit in the cache, so we get no more < memory overcomit >.

The PROPFIND errors in the log were on users that don't have grants on the target collections. Precisely, I saw '000000000000000000000000' in the grants table

We deleted all the records with a privileges=0, and the CPU load disappear !
delete from grants where privileges='000000000000000000000000'

Question :

* Is it normal to get records with privileges='000000000000000000000000' in the grants table ? In the previous Davical version it doesn't seem to be a problem.

* Is there a way to fix the huge number of SQL request in this case, not to saturate the CPU ?


Sylvain BURGER