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Planning iMIP feature
Good afternoon mates,

 I was trying to decide how to made this implementation. I think Davical
should have something for managing invitation sending to external
attendees so, here we go :). Basically have thought something like :

- A new event is PUT on the server. Analyze it and check if it has
attendees and the uploader is the organizer. In case it is that way, get
a list of attendees. If $c->enable_auto_schedule is disabled then treat all

attendees as for iMIP message (as external users). In case it's enabled,
all attendees not having the same email domain as the organizer should
then be treated as external (for the iMIP). The internal ones, will

have to the check and answer to the invitation through caldav (they will
just receive an email saying they have to answer in the calendar app).

- Then we enter in a loop in which, attendee by attedee we create an
individual invitation (keeping in mind for the invitation, only external
users. Internal ones would just receive a email message saying they have an

invitation awaiting answer through Caldav) .

- When a reply is received from an external account, I assume each mail
client will handle properly the event update at least at it's own local
side with an iMIP capable mail client. From an internal user we will see

set in the own calendar set (the answer),

- Now, we assume the event is updated, for instance that some attendee,
has canceled the event or some other accepted. Each time this event is
updated, all other attendees will be notified about any kind of event
change with

a METHOD: REPLY ics?. This way, I think we could have iMIP implemented.
Obviously attendees would be notified when the organizer causes it's
copy of the event to be updated, due to changes entered by him or

by replies received from attendees,

What do you think mates?,

Best regards,


*Egoitz Aurrekoetxea*
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