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DAViCal release 1.1.0
Hi Everyone,

DAViCal release 1.1.0 is now out. This is about six months later than I
would have liked, somewhat due to my life getting complicated around
December when we discovered my wife has breast cancer[1].

This DAViCal release is mostly stability & correctness changes, although
there are quite a lot of them. Some of the more important changes /
fixes are listed on the wiki here:

If you use Debian packages from my repository I've switched to use
reprepro now and as a part of my learning process the repository was
broken for the last day but should be fixed now. These packages have
also now been uploaded into Debian proper.

Andrew McMillan.

[1] Things are looking cautiously positive now, a couple of operations
later and halfway through chemotherapy, and we've got our lives back
enough that I've finally found the time to release this...

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