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DAViCal Release 1.0.2

I've released 1.0.2, a minor update to 1.0.x primarily to fix the LDAP
bug that has been mentioned on the mailing list. It affected all
external authentication systems.

A couple of other minor bugs were fixed, and I added the ability to
upload a file of VCARD to populate (or append into) a CardDAV
addressbook collection.

Full release notes, as ever, are at:

I'm hopeful that this is now a stable and reliable release and I will be
branching the tree very soon for development toward a 1.1 series.

If you have things you'd like to see included in 1.1.x then please post
a message to the DAViCal Developers mailing list[1] with your proposals.
Or chat with us on IRC[2].

What I want to work on for 1.1 will center around availability and
meeting polls, developing implementations supporting the proposed
VAVAILABILITY and VPOLL components used for indicating available meeting
slots and for polling people with a set of meeting options. I hope to
have something basic in place for CalConnect[3] XXIII at the end of the

Happy calendaring!
Andrew McMillan.


p.s. If you like my work on DAViCal, aCal and other calendaring related
things I am available under contract to support your DAViCal
installation too.
andrew (AT) morphoss (DOT) com +64(272)DEBIAN
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