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Release now available
Hi Everyone,

DAViCal is now available, along with AWL 0.46.

This is a recommended upgrade with a focus on stability and reliability.

Release notes are on the wiki at:

Most of the changes are subtle: fixes to small bugs or adjustments to
correctness in respect to standards. In particular there were some
errors in handling of various requests for addressbook data, and the
support for WebDAV synchronisation is updated to draft -04 of the

One notable addition is the /feed.php/username/calendar/ URL which will
provide an Atom feed of the events added to a calendar. This is pretty
experimental at present, but any problems with it won't affect the rest
of DAViCal.

I've also created an 'announce' mailing list which in the future will be
the primary place that notifications like this are sent to, so those of
you who are subscribed here but really only want to see announcements
should subscribe to that list at:

In a few weeks time (well, when I remember, I guess :-) I want to move
the DAViCal General list to a mailing list. As of
today I've moved the DAViCal developers mailing list there already
(pretty easy since it did not involve moving servers) but the old
address for that will continue to work indefinitely.

The URL for the development list is now:

At the end of January I will be presenting about Calendaring and Free
Software at Linux.Conf.AU 2011 in Brisbane (see )
and if any of you are going to be there please come and introduce
yourselves to me.

Andrew McMillan.

andrew (AT) morphoss (DOT) com +64(272)DEBIAN
An air of FRENCH FRIES permeates my nostrils!!

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