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remote data telemetry system with conserver

i am new here and quite new to serial communications too. i am testing a
prototype of a remote telemetry system based on conserver.

the idea is to make data from a remote system available for reading to
many client connections in read-only mode, and to be able to control the
remote system via the same connection in bi-directional mode. security
is not a concern at all, data availability is the important thing.

now conserver is set up on one PC (linux inside a virtual machine) to
manage the console and log data. the console is currently located at a
tcp socket on second PC (host machine running a program emulating
hardware sending data, a model of a datalogger deployed under water,
measuring different water parameters and sending the data out over a
serial RS422 link). eventually it can be real hardware on an RS422 port.

client connections are now made using a plain terminal program or using
a control program expecting raw data flow from a tcp socket. i have set
up inetd daemon to execute the console client program to provide access
to data. it seems to be possible to connect and receive the data, and to
control the system.

but as client connections expect to communicated over a raw socket, they
are not aware of the conserver<->console protocol. when a client drops
the connection (or connection is broken due to problems on the network),
console program which was providing data remains running and occupies
100% CPU resources.

can this be solved somehow? or is there some better way to arrange such
a system? provided that the way clients connect/log data/control the
system cannot be changed - control software is a proprietary program
which cannot be changed for now.

all the best,

Mikhail Kononets
Ph.D. Student
Department of Chemistry
Marine Chemistry
University of Gothenburg
Kemivagen 10
SE-412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden
NEW office num.: +46-31-786-9063
NEW cell num.: +46-70-216-0936
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