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Update (daily: 385)
ClamAV database updated (2004.07.04 06:38 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 385
Signatures total: 22414

Submission: 4097-web
Sender: Christian
Virus: Trojan.Downloader (Kaspersky)
Alias: TR/Dldr.Small.GL (Hbedv), Trojan.DownLoader.413 (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Small.GL
Alias: TR/Dldr.Agent.AP (Hbedv), Trojan.Feat.2 (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Agent.AP-2
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Golden.A (Bitdefender), Trojan.DownLoader.16384 (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Golden.A-2
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Dyfuca.AK (Bitdefender), Trojan.Dyfuca (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Dyfuca.AK
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.IstBar.BO (Bitdefender), Trojan.Isbar.409 (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.IstBar.BO
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Istbar.AH (Bitdefender)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.IstBar.AH
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Istbar.EO (Bitdefender),
Added: Trojan.Downloader.IstBar.EO

Submission: 4108-web
Sender: Pokhabov Aleksandr
Virus: Downloader.Apropo (AVG)
Alias: TR/Dldr.Apropo.E (Hbedv), Trojan.Downloader.Apropo.E (Bitdefender), Trojan.AproposAd (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Apropo.E

Submission: 4111-web
Sender: john phillips
Virus: false (what?)
Added: n/a. ClamAV doesn't detect anything in the sample, so not false positive.

Submission: 4112-web, 4122-web
Sender: Albert Whale
Virus: VirusW32.Netsky.P@mm!enc (Symantec)
Added: No. Worm.SomeFool.P found after extracting the attachment from broken email file.

Submission: 4118-web
Sender: Yancey B. Jones
Virus: unknown
Added: Trojan.Mybot.gen-25
Note: The signature by Christoph Cordes added in daily 384.

Submission: 4119-web
Sender: Tom
Virus: false VBS.Redlof.Encoded.gen
Added: n/a. Not false - really infected.

Submission: 4121-web
Sender: Rushan Soubar
Virus: W32.Blackmal.B@mm (Symantec)
Added: No. Worm.Nyxem.B found after extracting the attachment from the sample lacking mail headers.

Submission: 4123-web
Sender: Trog
Virus: Trojan.Downloader.Brok.A
Alias: TR/NRJJ.A (Hbedv), Troj/Brok-A (Sophos), Trojan.Downloader.Brok.A (Bitdefender), Trojan.MulDrop.531 (Drweb),
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Brok.A
Alias: TR/Downloader.Brok.2 (Hbedv)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Brok.A-unp

Submission: 4126-web
Sender: Derek
Virus: unknown
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Small-3
Note: The signature by Christoph Cordes added in daily 382.

Submission: 4127-web
Sender: Jordan Wiens
Virus: unknown
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Small.OX (Bitdefender)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Small.OX

Submission: 4130-web
Sender: Petri Koistinen
Virus: W32/Netsky.D@mm (Fprot)
Added: No. Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1 found after removing a nonstandard header from the file.

Submission: 4131-web
Sender: Petri Koistinen
Virus: W32/Netsky.P@mm (Fprot)
Added: No. Worm.SomeFool.P found after removing a nonstandard header from the file.

Submission: 4141-web
Sender: Andrey Melnokoff
Virus: Backdoor.Antilam.20.k (Kaspersky)
Alias: BackDoor.AntiLame.20 (Drweb), Troj/Antilam (Sophos), BDS/Antilam.20.K (Hbedv)
Added: Trojan.Antilam.20.K

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