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Cannot update virus definitions
Hi everyone.

I’ve been using ClamAV for years now, on my small NAS.
Since yesterday, it’s giving me errors in updating the virus definitions, which has always worked fine until now.

I tried downloading the CVD manually and start a manual update on my NAS, but neither of them works (main|dayly|bytecode); they all report an “incorrect file format” error.

Am I doing something wrong?
Nothing’s changed on my NAS, not that I have much options to mess with in the antivirus applet control panel.

Thank you for any advice.
Re: Cannot update virus definitions [ In reply to ]

A little more info might be helpful...

What OS is your NAS running?
What version of ClamAV are you using?
Have you enabled debugging and checked the output from that?

The main file has not changed in over a year (Jan 8, 2018)...
The bytecode file has not changed in almost 7 months... (Jan 2, 2019)

It sounds more like some other package on your system (zlib perhaps?)
could have been updated that broke ClamAV...


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