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Re: Subject lines are good.
Hi there,

On Thu, 22 Apr 2021, Aikansh Shukla via clamav-devel wrote:

> I would like to ask that is clam AV available for Yocto for ARM64.

My clamd server is ARM64 (Pi4B) so it's certainly possible to persuade
ClamAV to run on the architecture. I had no trouble building it from
source, you'll probably have to do that. That means _either_ you need
to have a development setup (C compiler, etc.) on the target _or_ you
will need to be able to cross-compile to make your binaries. I built
directly on the Pi4B, but of course it's running a full Linux distro.
I don't know what software will be available on your target device.

Consider carefully the specifications and performance of the target.
For example, will it have mass storage for the signature databases?
I'm using about 500MBytes at present. Will it have enough memory to
load the databases? My clamd server uses more than half of its 4GB.
Will it be able to keep the databases up to date? Normally it needs
an Internet connection. How long will it take to scan X? The Pi can
take 30 seconds just to scan a mail with an attachment of modest size.

Finally, of course:

What happens when it finds something?



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