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uuencode long lines crash
The following message cause clamav to crash, I have indented it to
avoid to crash something on this list, please remove starting blanks:

Return-Path: <>
Content-Type: text/html

begin 666 wd bm 01-11-03-02.jpg<BR>
M_]C_X `02D9)1@`!`0```0`!``#__@!01FEL92!W&lt;FET=&amp;5N('=I=&amp;@@0V]M<BR>

% clamscan --mbox test4.mail
Assertion failed: (strlen(line) <= 62), function decodeLine, file message.c, line 882.
abort (core dumped) clamscan --mbox test4.mail

This is because another misplaced assert(). On error, clamav should
abort the routine, instead of the whole program.