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Question about mpool_malloc() error on 0.97.8
We have a question about mpool_malloc() error of version 0.97.8, as follows.

We know this error is caused by small value of fragsz[](defined libclamav/mpool.c).
Is this understanding correct?

Is there any reason why it doesnot stop unusually (abnormally), when the error was happened.
(It seems that treatment for the error was not completed correctly.)

The size was increased from 0.98 to 1.28MB (8MB formerly).
Is that correct?

Shall the similar error occurred, if it would become to be not big enough?
We are worrying if the same issue will occure out again, because;
We found that clamd went into an infinite loop and spent 100% of CPU in the case of
reading of CVD, when engine v.0.97.8 was reading CVD v.22408

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