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Im just looking around
I am looking for tutorials on every part of writing and developing CLAMAV
and antivirus software in general. I want to ship it with a custom
operating system that im gonna write.

there are three OSes that ill be writing basically(at least right now)
freeDOS(64 bit) PureDarwin(64bit) and gentoo or ubuntu or something.

but yeah detailed tutorials on build and compile instructions as well as
how to search for viruses etcetera would help me and if you decide to post
tutorials ill probably end up using clamav in my operating system.

I gotta write custom BIOS and i need to search my BIOS files for bugs and
shit like that so the more tutorials you post on developing and writing
CLAMAV the better because itll help me implement it in my computers and
itll be shipped with the computer.

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