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clamav 0.98.6 debian wheezy segfault after database modification

i have reported my problem in the clamav users list: with no
clue yet. I hope that the developers can help solving my problem.

Summarize of my problem:

Clamd stops if clamav is scanning an email at the moment when clamav
database modification is happening. First i thought this is because of
Exchange 2010 Email (Postfix Relay) but this also happens if an email is
sent through clamsmtp local from the machine


Mar 12 07:05:07 mail clamsmtpd: 1002E6: unexepected response from clamd:
Mar 12 07:05:07 mail clamsmtpd: 1002E6:,, status=CLAMAV-ERROR

Thu Mar 12 07:05:01 2015 -> SelfCheck: Database modification detected.
Forcing reload.
Thu Mar 12 07:05:01 2015 -> Reading databases from /var/lib/clamav
Please submit your patches to our Bugzilla: