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Problem in "clamwin-code\INSTALL" file.

clamwin-code\INSTALL file contains below data. 
My problems statement is mentioned in ("Problem Statements").

Kindly please go through it and guide me to solve problem.

For you convenience a binary package for MS Windows has been put to
SourceForge download area for the project.

If you wish to build ClamWin from the source tree then read below.

The first thing you need to do put Clam Antivirus source tree in
clamav-devel folder and build the binaries on Cygwin.
(Problem Statement: Here what is exactly "Clam Antivirus source tree" means. Is it ClamAV code or ClamWin GUI code i.e. clamwin-code. Both i have)
(Problem Statement: "build the binaries on Cygwin"??? Which binaries exactly i got confused.)

Then change directory to Setup/py2exe and run python, this
will put windows binary files in Setup/py2exe/dist directory.
To build the setup program you need to run
ISTool -compile <full path to the Setup.iss>. This should produce
Setup/Output/setup.exe file.

Or you may use build.bat file provided for your convenience. Please
Note that you need to edit the batch file in order to set your own
software location directories.
Please submit your patches to our Bugzilla: