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Placebo - A ClamAV Central Management Toolkit
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share one of my latest projects with you.
It's far from being stable but it works pretty good so far.

Since there is really a lack of (secure/good) central management tools
for clamav, i decided to write one. What came out is "Placebo".

It includes a PHP-Frontend with MySQL-Backend.
The Client, Server and utilities are written in Python (And a little
bit bash).
The whole communication is encrypted using GPG-Keys.

You are able to, update, scan and add a host from the central
management server.

This is how the OLD Web-Interface looked like:

It's now a little bit nicer and has some more cool functionalities.

As i said it's far away from being stable and i'm not a coder anyway,
so it might not be usable as is, but maybe it's of use for some and i
would be happy about some feedback!

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Gerrit 'Nold' Pannek

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