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WTS: ****NEW CISCO AS5350's****
Shane Breen,
Hi, I am Belen from Argentina, I recently saw your message searching the web, and I would like to know, where did you find the prices of the Cisco AS5350, particularly the AS535-4E1-120-AC.

Best Regards,
Belen Pugliese.
[cisco-voip] WTS: ****NEW CISCO AS5350's****
Shane Breen ShaneBreen at
Fri Mar 21 22:33:58 EST 2003

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These Cisco gateways are brand new with 90 day factory warranty:0)

AS535-2E1-60-AC $8,900
AS535-2T1-48-AC $8,800
AS535-4E1-120-AC $16,500
AS535-4T1-96-AC $15,500
AS535-8E1-216-AC $26,500
AS535-8T1-192-AC $25,500

Please let me know these are available for immediate delivery world wide.

Thanks You,

Shane Breen
shanebreen at