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RV: ATA 186 Voice + Fax
Hi All,
Perhaps any of you went crazy before me with something like the following
and can at least confirm the following:
I have two ATA 186 registered at a 2620 GK.
What I’m trying to do is to send a fax using port 0 while a voice
communication is already placed in port 1 and I’m not being able to do that.

I’ve tried setting both ports in fax mode: 0x0012 (which uses G711) but I
get the same error, so I’m discarding a codec issue here.
If I only send a fax, everything works fine
The most strange thing is that I can first send a fax and while it’s being
sent, place a call on the other line and this works fine!
Has anyone had a similar problem in the past? Is it a known ATA’s