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Rtmt processor update
For those that use my rtmt log processor…. If anyone…. I posted an update. <>

This tool is very useful if you have lots of calls going on, as it will do two things:

Pull out the relevant log files (The actual RTMT log files)

It will extract only call data for the selected call, into a file.

If you have a large setup, downloading log files for 30 mins of calls can be 500+ megs. This will shrink it way down. (Depending on number of subscribers and hops)
The extraction for the call, will be very small, and it will reference where to find its match in the full RTMT logs.

It will also unpack TAR files.

Download the program, and run it. (It is written in c#)

Select the “Select Logs” button, and locate the folder where the RTMT logs are.

The program will read the directory, look for call logs, unpack any .tar/tg files.

The numbers it found for the day will show, (but only the current logs will be parsed.)

Select the number (you can type it in if you highlight something in the number or sip address box)

Press select when you locate your number.

Once all your numbers you have are selected, press start. If it finds a CI thats tied to the call, it will add that into the search.

It will create a new folder, with the same name and -output-datetime with parsed data.

The output folder will contain, the subfolders of the cucms with the full RTMT logs that contain something about the call. The single files in the folder will be data just about the call from that subscriber.