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[nsp] Monitoring BGP links
So last night we had an "interesting" failure. One of our peerings
transits a fastethernet metro- area provider. This virtual circuit
degraded in such a way that most traffic failed to transit it - but
enough made it that the BGP peering stayed up, causing the peer on the
far end to keep advertising our routes, but then pumping the traffic
onto the circuit where most of it got lost.

How do others guard against this?
- Use only "normal" circuits (OC3, OC12, or direct long haul ethernet)
that tend to degrade in a more binary fashion (other than congestion).
Now it works, now it doesn't.
- Use something like response time monitor to measure performance and
packet loss directly from the router to the router on the other end of
the link?
- Creative tweaking of BGP keepalive timers, or circuit keepalives?

Open to ideas here.