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[Bricolage #297] Template Admin Element Profile Help My Alerts Logout Logged in as Tomas Stehlik Workflow | Profile | Story | Element Element “xxx” cannot be added. There are already 1 element of this type, with a max of 1.
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Tomas updated ticket #297 on Feb 22nd, 2014 at 07:18 PM


When you have say 2 subelements of an element, and both are limited to only one, and one only (both minimum 1 and maximum 1), then when you go to the "bulk edit" of the given element, and try to save changes, or try to change the "Default Field", you receive the error message stated in the title. This is a very odd bug indeed.

So, instead of complaining about the sub-elements (while there is nothing to complain about), Bricolage complains about the element itself, even though it is not limited in any way, thus hindering saving of the changes, or preventing the change of the "Default Field".


Assigned: Bugs (at bricolage)
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