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Bricolage 1.10.10 Released
The Bricolage development team is pleased to announce the release of Bricolage 1.10.10, the latest in the stable 1.10 line of Bricolage. This maintenance release includes numerous bug fixes and a few improvements.


* Categories and sources are now displayed in alphabetical order when searching for these objects to associate with a document.

Bug fixes

* Publishing via Bric::SOAP no longer removes documents from workflow.

* Better handle documents with lots of contributors and categories associated with a document.

* Publishing multi-category or multi-page stories no longer leads to previewed copies being deleted.

[Download it Now](/downloads/bricolage-1.10.10.tar.gz).

See [Changes]( for a comprehensive list of changes in 1.10.10
and [Bric::Changes]( for a complete list of changes through the history of Bricolage.

-- The Bricolage Developers