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Google Summer of Code: Students, apply by tomorrow!
Please spread this far and wide (and fast!):

Fellow Bricoleurs far and wide,

The Bricolage project is pleased to be a part of the Google Summer of
Code Initiative as a sub-project of The Perl Foundation.

You can read more about the program here:

The Summer of Code is a program designed to introduce students to the
world of Open Source Software Development and provide them with a
financial award for completing an Open Source project before the end
of Summer.

We are currently looking for student volunteers to propose Bricolage
development projects. We have created a list of suggested project
ideas on the The Perl Foundation Web site:

If you're interested in hacking on Bricolage for fame and fortune,
join the Bricolage developers list or sign on to #bricolage on to outline your proposal and get feedback as you prepare
to submit it to Google.

Or, if you are connected to students that might be interested in
participating, please forward this information to them.

But hurry, the deadline for proposal submissions is tomorrow, April
9th! Students who get Bricolage projects accepted will be mentored by
members of the Bricolage community.

We look forward to your proposals!