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[NOTICE] - Moving and Upgrading of Buildbot Jobs
Hi All.

This NOTICE goes out via BCC to all affected projects and to the
main mailing list.
Please have replies CC the builds list. is currently on version 0.8 and is to be turned off
soon. is version 3.2 and is the direct replacement.

If you project has Buildbot jobs they are listed here:

Infra will perform the migration for you over the next 2 weeks. Starting

Your $project.conf code will be updated to be compatible with Buildbot 3.2
(from 0.8)

Unless you state otherwise - your config will be moved to a new SVN [1] or
GIT [2] area
depending on whether you primarily use SVN or GIT.

[1] -
[2] -

An INFRA ticket will be created for each project migration and your dev
list will be kept in the loop.

For those of you with nightly builds that use* -
please note that this service is deprecated and will NOT be available going
forward. Instead, your jobs should be changed to upload to$project/* instead. Please request if you want
your existing content migrated over otherwise we will not do so.

After migration: Once everybody is off of the old Buildbot 0.8 - we will
change to point to the new 3.2 instance. We will also put in
a redirect for$project/* to point to your new
location at$project/*

Please let us know if you have any questions. Either Drew Foulks or myself
will perform your migration.

Kind Regards.


*Gavin McDonald*
Systems Administrator
ASF Infrastructure Team